BAMAHOUSING.com is a listing service dedicated exclusively to helping University of Alabama students find quality student housing options. Whether you will study at the Tuscaloosa campus, the Birmingham campus, or the Huntsville campus, BAMAHOUSING.com can help you find the housing option that's right for you.

Our system is simple and efficient:

Properties pay a nominal fee to have a listing on BAMAHOUSING.com. This allows only properties that are worth the fee for the property manager or property owner to advertise, to be listed on this site. If listing on BAMAHOUSING.com were free, we would be inundated with property listings, some of which may be duplicates, out of date, or even undesirable properties. Our system helps you find quality properties without having to sort through seemingly hundreds of free listings. You will then contact the listed party or listed property directly, and deal directly with them.

DISCLAIMER: BAMAHOUSING.com lists properties on this website just as a newspaper lists advertisers on its classified ads section. BAMAHOUSING.com is not responsible for any property ads/listings placed by an unscrupulous advertiser pointing to a misleading property website. As with anything, make sure you use vigilance and common sense. You will be dealing directly with the listed party. We highly recommend you not send them nor transfer any money to them without a lease or contract in place, and of course visit the property before engaging in any transaction.